Ubud tour: culture, art, and heritage is one of the best guided day tour in Bali. During this day tour, you will learn the culture, art dan heritage while visiting the Ubud Palast, Ubud Market, and Ubud Monkey Forest.

There are many artists living in this beautiful town. This is the state of heritage and culture while foreign and native artists find inspiration for arts cooperation.

Barong dance in Batubulan performs the Balinese way of life. It shows the conflict between Dharma and A-dharma. There is no happy end, comes back again, and again.

Discover the signature silversmith, stone carving, painting, woodcarving makes your journey of cultural and heritage more memorable.

After a lunch break, you can hang aroundĀ Ubud town while exercising your bargaining strategy at Pasar, Market Ubud. Finally enchanted monkey forest will end your day trip.